Hands, heart, intuition, courage, striving to improve without compromise. The long road already travelled enables us to envision better journeys every day for those who drive for a living: more safety, more comfort, more ease.

Our products for industrial and commercial vehicles embody the passion of two generations of entrepreneurs; the work of a well-oiled, tight-knit team with 60 years of experience, technology and design.

This is an industrial story that began after the second world war, in 1956, when an abundance of resources for military logistics were left in Italy by the allied troops. With this material, which had to be converted for civilian use, taken apart and assembled, together with a vocation and enjoyment of forging metal, Giovanni Lago launched his body shop.

Replacement parts were often missing or in short supply, so the idea came about to start making them. This was such a success that in no time these handcrafted components began to be requested by mechanics and factories, with production gradually supplanting the original repair and commercial vehicle conversion business. This journey has never been halted, taking the company to European industry summits.

Succession to the helm of the company, from Giovanni to his children, does not alter the spirit and ambition for growth; instead it broadens the horizons by taking into account new scenarios. The focus remains firmly fixed forward. Plastics are introduced, investment is made in research and technology and particular attention is paid to ergonomics and design. The business adopted its current form in 1992, after which the Aaister and Genesis brands were launched and commercial expansion on a global scale led to the decision to set up Lago Do Brasil in 2013. Year after year the evolution of vehicles, new transportation concepts and fleet requirements are interpreted by listening to operators in order to anticipate changes and respond adequately to market demands.

Along this path, Lago manages to offer the market high value solutions. These include KOMPOS-IT, a multi-purpose modular box with servo opening system, VERTIGO, the first toolbox with a magnetic closure device and innovative two-tone design, and KOCKÒN, a system which protects the fuel tank that when linked with ZIPPER and FLEET REPORTER forms a revolutionary global vehicle management and monitoring system that effectively combines mechanical solutions with digital electronics.

We stay true to our roots and values without ever forgetting where we began at the longstanding Fontaniva headquarters, where still today our founder rides around on his bicycle.


Whether it be a safety component, storage solution or advanced system to prevent fuel theft, every product of every Lago line is the synthesis of our expertise and vision for the future of road transportation.

Each product is the result of daily and extraordinary corporate decisions with a single centre of gravity: people.

Methods and means adopted in everyday industrial practice evolve and become refined by contact and continuous dialogue with manufacturers, body shop mechanics, distributors and drivers. In other words, the people who use Lago products – our most valued consultants. It is thanks to you that we can understand a problem from the right perspective and deal with it appropriately, setting our hand to what exists, and thinking in real and concrete terms about new forms of safety and convenience.

Awareness, pragmatism and planning. All knowledge gained translates into practical substance and the willingness to go beyond conventional boundaries. Here at Lago the human factor exists between past, present and future; no-one is afraid to take risks, to dig deep, to improve our production and ourselves as well. Research and development, production, management and labour – these are all expressions of the same attitude to learning and to investing.

Especially in ourselves, to offer more, always.


Brilliant insight is not enough to create a high performance, high quality accessory.

Strength, suitability, versatility: a perfect symphony of human thought and action must sound between the idea and its fulfilment.

Underlying the Lago standard is a sequence made of intuition, creativity, the ability to design and organization, all suppor ted by the most effective and advanced technology.

This effort is geared towards achieving a single result – to enhance the daily experience of the people at the wheel and those who assist them, from the construction of the vehicles, to sales, all the way to service and maintenance.

We provide total protection,ease of assembly and an efficient supply, with every component or solution designed and built with careful attention to ergonomics, function and comfort. Customary reliability combines with a special focus on design.

For all these reasons we are able to say that a Lago product truly stands out. From the very first glance.


Genesis – Our laboratory and the technological heart of the group is a futuristic workshop where new ideas take shape and develop into advanced solutions to protect your fuel tank. Yet it doesn’t end there, as it’s crucial to be prepared for what may be around the next bend.


Aaister – Nothing is left to chance with Aaister, our custom-made brand for distribution in Italy. The entire Lago range is matched with complementary products from the best brands to provide a comprehensive offering aimed at body shops and accessory retailers. For a consistently firstclass service and expert advice, put your trust in those who know the sector inside out.


Lago Do Brasil – On the map, reference points multiply and borders move. The South American continent is an immense and exciting frontier for the growing truck and trailer market and its specific characteristics and needs. Lago has chosen to tackle this challenge without hesitation – first hand – providing investments, energies and skills combined with the help of a qualified and expert local team. Being in the here and now is the only way to feel the road and know its people.



Look ahead, but also around. Grasp, interpret, anticipate.

This is the key to reading the success of a group that was established in Italy and is able to bring out the expertise of every resource and export it to over 40 countries along with recognized business ethics and fairness towards its partners.

At Lago we all know the meaning of our own commitment to providing responses to the needs of professional drivers. Our goal is clear: to provide products and solutions able to adequately satisfy end users and to always make proper use of resources.

Our journey never stops, because settling for second best is simply not in our DNA. Moving forward there will always be a solution that is more complete, more practical, more efficient, a system that no-one has yet thought of.

It is important to dare to go beyond established boundaries.